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A warrant is a court order that authorizes law enforcement agents to take action. This includes looking for and seizing property, detaining individuals, and taking other measures necessary to uphold the law. The bulk of warrants are issued in response to a police request.

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Grand Rapids Michigan Specific Resources.

Grand Rapids Police Department (GRPD Warrant Search)
1 Monroe Center NW Grand Rapids 49503

Kent County Sheriff’s Office
701 Ball Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Phone: (616) 632-6100

Silent Observer
Most Wanted

Circuit Court (Felony, Serious Misdemeanor, Juvenile)
180 Ottawa Ave NW, #2400 Grand Rapids, MI 49503
On Location Search – Yes

District Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic)
180 Ottawa Ave NW, #1400 Grand Rapids, MI 49503
On Location Search – Yes

Online Grand Rapids Warrant Search

There are several ways to do a Grand Rapids warrant search for warrant records on the internet.

  • Warrant records can be found in the county or state of issuance.
  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation works with federal cases.
  • You can also look for public records using a nationwide database.

Records Made Available By the Courts

You can examine Grand Rapids court documents to determine if an arrest warrant exists for a suspect. To locate court records, visit the court’s website where the case was filed. You can look for court records online using a court record search tool. Enter the name of the individual you believe to be subject to a warrant. If any records correspond to your search parameters, they will be displayed.

Grand Rapids Sheriff's Warrant Checks

Call the Grand Rapids sheriff’s department and inquire about any outstanding warrants for an arrest or just ask for a list of warrants.
On the county website look for a section labeled “public documents” or something comparable. There, you can request warrant information via a public record request.

Grand Rapids Bench Warrants

A bench warrant is a formal order for the arrest of a person issued by a judge. It may be issued for contempt of court, non-appearance in court, or other reasons.
A Grand Rapids bench warrant gives law enforcement the authority to find and detain a specific individual. After arrest, the defendant will be transported to jail to be kept there until they make a court appearance or schedule a court date and be released.

Grand Rapids Arrest Warrants List

An arrest warrant authorizes the Grand Rapids police to apprehend the suspect and bring them in to be charged with a crime. Once the police have sufficient evidence to believe a person has committed a crime, they can ask a judge for an arrest warrant.

Warrant for Arrest of a Fugitive

As they are issued for persons who have evaded justice, fugitive warrants are distinct from other warrants. They help by allowing for cooperation between agencies to capture the fugitive.

Search Warrant

As the term suggests, a search warrant is a court order granting police in Grand Rapids the right to conduct a search at a certain site.
A judge must also sign it. In addition, it will stipulate what may and may not be searched and taken.

Free Warrant Searches in Grand Rapids

There are numerous ways to search warrant records for free with the assistance of the Grand Rapids courts or police. Request assistance investigating outstanding warrants from the police department or request public records through the judicial system.

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