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Calhoun County criminal record information can be utilized in numerous ways to conduct a background look at people. Being proactive can offer peace of mind, ensuring you’re aware of somebody’s criminal background and reducing the risk of harm.

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Local Criminal Resources For Calhoun County MI

Circuit Court (Felony, Juvenile)
161 E Michigan Ave Battle Creek, MI 49014
Web Search
On Location Search – Yes

District Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic)
161 E Michigan Ave Battle Creek, MI
Web Search
On Location Search – Yes

Calhoun County Sheriff (CCSO)
161 Michigan Ave, Battle Creek, MI 49014
Phone: (269) 969-6450
Records Division
Sex Offender Search

Battle Creek Police
34 Division St N, Battle Creek, MI 49014
Phone: (269) 966-3322
(FOIA) Requests

Calhoun County Court Records

Court records in Calhoun County MI can be accessed through the court system or online services. Some courts will offer an online database, while others will have an on-location search terminal for the public.

Calhoun County Police Records

Calhoun County police records, including information like arrests, convictions, and imprisonments, are important references for criminal history checks. Accessing these records may be difficult, as they frequently aren’t openly available online and typically require a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

Arrest Reports

Local Calhoun County sheriffs and police departments can offer arrest records, revealing someone’s history of violence, drug use, or other criminal activities. It deserves noting that not all arrest records are public, but most will be, and they can be abundant sources of information.

Inmate Files

Searching inmate records in Calhoun County MI is straightforward, though not all are posted online in a single database. Obtaining records directly from the institution housing the inmate is generally the best approach. Being as specific as possible when utilizing online search tools will help narrow down results, particularly if searching for a common name.

Different Types Of Criminal Records:


Calhoun County infraction unlawful activities represent minor offenses leading to a warning or citation instead of jail time. Effects may include fines or rights suspension, and the classification of an infraction can vary between jurisdictions. Typical examples are traffic offenses or infractions like disorderly behavior or trespassing. Most infractions can be managed by mail, although some might demand a court appearance.


A Calhoun County misdemeanor can be punishable by jail time and may lead to fines, probation, community service, and even loss of licensing. These criminal offenses fall in between infractions and felonies in intensity.

Calhoun County Felony Records

Looking for Calhoun County felony convictions can be done through county court records, private online websites, or federal court if the criminal offense was a federal offense.

Sexual Offenders Reporting System

Securing our neighborhood from sexual predators is a societal duty. Measures can include limiting convicted sex offenders from living near schools and childcare centers and performing background searches on prospective sitters and coaches. Checking national registries of convicted offenders assists in reducing the danger of allowing them access to children.

Calhoun County Dui and Dwi Occurrences

Calhoun County DUI (Driving Under the Influence) or its comparable terms in various states (such as DWI, OWI, or OVI) describe running a car while impaired by alcohol or drugs. A blood alcohol content (BAC) above 0.08% will lead to charges. Conviction might result in jail time, fines, and license suspension, with more extreme penalties for repeat offenders.

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