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A Bay County warrant is a court order that gives law enforcement the authority to act. This may involve searching for and seizing property, arresting or detaining individuals, and taking other measures necessary to implement the law. Typically, warrants are granted in response to a request from law enforcement, which must demonstrate to the court that there is probable cause to think that criminal behavior has happened and that evidence of this action can be discovered at the location mentioned in the warrant.

Bay County Michigan Specific Resources.

Bay County Sheriff Department (BCSD Warrant Search)
503 3rd St, Bay City, MI 48708
Phone: (989) 895-4050
Court Warrant Info

Bay City Public Safety
501 3rd St, Bay City, MI 48708
Phone: (989) 892-8571

Circuit Court (Felony)
1230 Washington Ave, #725 Bay City, MI 48708
On Location Search – Yes

District Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic)
1230 Washington Ave Bay City, MI 48708
On Location Search – Yes

Midland Police Department
2727 Rodd St, Midland, MI 48640
Phone: (989) 631-5716
Court Open Warrants

Online Bay County Warrant Search

There are multiple internet methods for locating warrant records when performing a Bay County warrant search. One option is to search the website of the county or state where the warrant was made.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s website can also be searched (FBI) for federal warrants.
Or use a private nationwide database.

Records Made Available By the Courts

If you suspect someone you know is wanted on an arrest warrant, you can examine Bay County court documents to confirm this. Because court records are public documents, anyone may access them.
You can conduct court records searches online or in person at the courthouse. To access online court documents, visit the court website where the case was filed. Once on the website, look for a search feature and enter the name of the individual you believe to be subject to an arrest warrant. If any matches are found, they will be displayed.

Bay County Sheriff's Warrant Checks

The sheriff’s office makes it difficult to look up warrant information. Without the proper knowledge, you could quickly find yourself in trouble.
Here are a few suggestions to assist you in obtaining the information you require.
Start by contacting the sheriff’s office and ask for a warrant list. They will usually provide you with it or advice on its location online.
Another is to visit the website of the county that issued the warrant. Look for a section entitled “public records” or something comparable. You should then be able to request warrant information from there.

Bay County Bench Warrants

A bench warrant is a formal order for the arrest of a person issued by a judge. The Bay County bench warrant could be issued for failure to appear in court, contempt of court, or another offense.
A bench warrant grants law enforcement the authority to identify and apprehend a specified individual. Once an individual has been arrested, they will be brought before the court to answer the charges.

Bay County Arrest Warrants List

The creation of an arrest warrant is a simple procedure. Once the Bay County police have sufficient evidence to suspect a crime has been committed, they may approach a judge and get an arrest warrant. This warrant grants the police the authority to apprehend the suspect and bring them in.

Warrant for Arrest of a Fugitive

Fugitive warrants are distinct from regular warrants in that they are issued for those on the run. This indicates that the person is considered a fugitive and is liable to arrest by any jurisdiction to come to contact with them.

Search Warrant

A search warrant is a court order that grants Bay County law enforcement the authority to search a certain area. A judge must sign the search warrant and describe what can be searched and seized.

Free Warrant Searches in Bay County

With the assistance of the Bay County police or courts, there are a few ways to access warrant data for free. Obtaining public records is possible through the court system, or requesting the assistance of the police department.

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