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A Bay County criminal record search is important for various reasons, ranging from people screening to individual security checks before a first date. Regardless of the purpose, such a search offers valuable insights into an individual’s background and helps ensure security and peace of mind.

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Local Criminal Resources For Bay County MI

Circuit Court (Felony)
1230 Washington Ave, #725 Bay City, MI 48708
Web Search
On Location Search – Yes

District Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic)
1230 Washington Ave Bay City, MI 48708
Web Search
On Location Search – Yes

Bay County Sheriff Department (BCSD)
503 3rd St, Bay City, MI 48708
Phone: (989) 895-4050
Court Warrant Info
Records Division and Accident/Police Reports
Sex Offender Search

Midland Police Department
2727 Rodd St, Midland, MI 48640
Phone: (989) 631-5716
Court Open Warrants
Record Request

Bay County Court Records

Court records are part of the public domain, can be accessed freely by anyone, and are an invaluable resource for criminal record searches. They consist of extensive details about an individual’s Bay County criminal history.

Bay County Police Records

Police records are obtainable through numerous sources, such as online databases, local Bay County police, or federal and state entities. The accessibility may vary based on the information required and the jurisdiction where the crime occurred.

Arrest Reports

A starting point in a Bay County criminal history examination could be arrest records, providing insights into a person’s previous criminal habits. These can be critical in assessing the suitability of a person.
However, some arrest records might not be public or incur charges and convictions. Multiple channels, consisting of government websites and private databases, provide access to arrest records, with numerous counties hosting searchable online databases for recent arrests.

Inmate Files

Inmate records in Bay County MI, although available, can be challenging to find. Correctional facilities throughout federal, state, and county/city governments keep these records, each with its procedure for public disclosure.

Different Types Of Criminal Records:


Though minor and normally leading to fines or probation, Bay County infractions can still considerably impact one’s life. They might cause higher insurance rates due to points contributed to the driver’s license and even an eventual license suspention.


Bay County misdemeanors include a range of offenses, such as disorderly conduct, simple assault, petty theft, and public intoxication. Penalties generally consist of fines or incarceration.

Bay County Felony Records

Are you concerned about someone having a Bay County felony record? Different methods are available to determine this, such as looking into the state’s criminal history repository or the court clerk in the relevant county.

Bay County Sexual Offenders Reporting System

When considering a new house, consult the local Bay County sex crime registry, readily available through the police. Since registration is necessary for all sex offenders and is posted publicly, this information is openly available and can guide you in avoiding possibly risky neighborhoods.

Bay County Dui and Dwi Occurrences

Though typically classified as a misdemeanor, Bay County DUI can be charged as a felony in certain jurisdictions. The repercussions range from license suspension and fines to more extreme penalties like extended license suspension, substantial fines, prison time, or setup of ignition interlock devices.

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