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Records on inmates who have been arrested or spent time in prison are referred to as inmate records in Ann Arbor MI. These records include details about the offender’s criminal history, sentencing, and other relevant information. In most jurisdictions, inmate records are accessible to the general public.

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Washtenaw County Inmate Search

Ann Arbor Resources.

Ann Arbor Police Department (AAPD Inmate Search)
301 E Huron St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Phone: (734) 794-6920
Request a Police Report

Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office
2201 Hogback Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48105
(734) 971-8400
Records Request

Circuit Court (Felony, Civil Over $25,000, Family, Juvenile)
101 E Huron St, Room 1106 Ann Arbor, MI 48104
On Location Search – Yes

District Court (Misdemeanor, Civil Under $25,000, Eviction, Small Claims, Traffic)
4133 Washtenaw Ann Arbor, MI 48107
On Location Search – Yes

Washtenaw County Jail
2201 Hogback Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Washtenaw County Youth Center
4125 Washtenaw Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48108-1003

Ann Arbor Inmate Search Online

If you want to locate inmate records online, follow these instructions when doing a Ann Arbor inmate search. Start by locating a website that provides this service (State DOC, private databases, county jail, federal prison).
Once you have located the desired website, find its search bar. Typically, this is found at the page’s top. You will need the inmate’s name when you have found the search feature. Click “Search” to start your search after entering the inmate’s name.
This will display a list of the outcomes matching your search criteria. The inmate records you want to view can then be selected from the results.

Michigan State Prison VS Ann Arbor Jail

Awareness of many key distinctions between jails and prisons is crucial. First, counties or local governments are in charge of running jails. In the meanwhile, a state’s prisons are often run by the state or federal governments. As a result, the two types may have varied policies and procedures.
Those incarcerated in a Ann Arbor jail are frequently awaiting trial or serving a brief sentence. Meanwhile, those who have been found guilty of more serious offenses and received longer sentences are housed in Michigan prisons.

Michigan Prison Inmate Search

On the majority of state DOC websites, you can search for a person by name.
The alternative is to call the Michigan prison and request information about the inmate.
Using a federal prisoner locator is an additional method of finding incarcerated people for breaking federal law.
Using these databases, you can look up the offender with their recorded name, birth date, race, and other identifying characteristics. The drawback of these services is that they either focus on a specific state or federal laws only.

Ann Arbor Jail Inmate Search

Calling the Ann Arbor jail and requesting jail inmate records is the first option. The public can also search the inmate database on the majority of jails’ websites.
Employing a professional business that specializes in inmate searches is an additional option. These businesses typically demand a fee but are frequently able to give you more broad-based information than the jail.

Ann Arbor Mugshots

Mugshots of inmates are typically considered to be public records in Ann Arbor MI. Most of the time, common folks can access them. Online databases or the records division at your neighborhood law enforcement organization can help you find them. Mugshots of inmates may also be available through private establishments.

Ann Arbor Jail Log

Ann Arbor jail logs are typically accessible to anyone. Each jurisdiction has a different procedure for getting jail logs. One way is to ask for the information over the phone by calling the sheriff’s office. You might occasionally need to submit a request for public records.

Ann Arbor Jail Roster

To get a copy of the Ann Arbor jail roster, get in touch with the sheriff’s office in your area.

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